Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry

Second Edition
Douglas Llewellyn
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Proven ways to teach next generation science!

The numbers are in and the pressure is on. The U.S's lead in science is very much at risk. If we're to help ensure our students achieve scientific literacy, we need to take a critical look at what's working and what isn't. One thing we know for certain: inquiry and argumentation are key, and the single-best resource on the subject is Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry and Argumentation.
Devoted to Grades 9–12, this new edition of Douglas Llewellyn's ground-breaking text aligns the four key elements of effective science education: scientific literacy, inquiry, argumentation, and the nature of science. Fully revised, the second edition features:
    • Content that addresses the new direction of science standards
    • Exceptional coverage of scientific argumentation
    • Enhanced chapters on assessment and classroom management
    • Questioning techniques that promote the most learning
    • Activities that emphasize making claims and citing evidence
    • New examples of inquiry investigations
    • New approaches to traditional labs
    • Case studies and vignettes that model exemplary science instruction
With its standards-based content, there's no better resource to help you elevate your teaching to meet the call for instructional reform.
"Llewellyn's approach supports educators in realizing the central role argumentation plays in helping students make defensible connection between claims, data, evidence, and explanations. Not only is this a timely publication, but one that is sure to be well-used."
—Page Keeley, Past President, National Science Teachers Association
Author of Science Formative Assessment

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