The Learning Power Approach

Teaching Learners to Teach Themselves

Guy Claxton
  • Pages 288
  • Copyright 2017
  • Product Code 9781506388700 ( MR #066942 )

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Become mind-fit for life!

Learning is learnable! Educators can explicitly teach not just content, knowledge and skills, but also positive learning attitudes and habits of mind. Guy Claxton’s The Learning Power Approach will help teachers understand how ‘every lesson, every day’ shapes the way students see themselves as learners. This is the beauty of the Learning Power Approach: it is something all teachers can integrate into their daily practice. Claxton’s work helps us notice ‘what lies beneath’ the surface of our teaching and attend more closely to the way we shape dispositions and attitudes. Readers will find:  
  • approaches focused on building character alongside knowledge acquisition
  • cognitive, social and neuroscientific supportive evidence
  • practical illustrations and strategies
 Written by a renowned cognitive scientist, this book offers a ground-breaking set of design principles for strengthening students’ learning muscles.

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