Reduce Change to Increase Improvement

Viviane Robinson
  • Pages 152
  • Copyright 2017
  • Product Code 9781506325378 ( MR #066960 )

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Too much change, not enough improvement

Planned changes often fail because those designing them underestimate the complexity of implementation.
Reduce Change to Increase Improvement provides a practical structure for helping system and school leaders increase improvement while reducing ineffective change and innovation. By drilling down to the beliefs and values that inform the actual practice of change leaders, Robinson identifies the mindset, processes, and actual behaviors that contribute to successful reform efforts and, importantly, provide school leaders with concrete tools that enable them to be more effective.
The structures described in the book are illustrated by numerous examples, cases, and conversation extracts and center on four phases of engagement:
  • Agreeing about the problem to be solved
  • Revealing the beliefs that sustain the current practices
  • Evaluating the relative merit of the existing practices and proposed theory
  • Implementing and monitoring the new theory of action

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