Mathematical Argumentation in Middle School - The What, Why, and How

A Step-by-Step Guide With Activities, Games, and Lesson Planning Tools

Jennifer Krudsen | Harriette S. Stevens | Teresa Lara-Meloy | Hee-Joon Kim | Nicole Shechtman
  • Pages 192
  • Copyright 2017
  • Product Code 9781506376691 ( MR #066997 )

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Get them talking: Your formula for bringing math concepts to life!

Want your middle schoolers to intelligently engage with mathematical ideas? Ready to help them construct and critique viable arguments that meet tough Standards for Mathematical Practice 3 standards? Look no further. This research-based gem will help you foster the critical reasoning and argumentation skills every student needs for intelligent discourse within our modern society. Learn how to bring mathematical argumentation alive in your classroom—all within a thoroughly explained four-part model that covers generating cases, conjecturing, justifying, and concluding.
Filled with content-focused and classroom-ready games, activities, vignettes, sample tasks, and links to online tools and a rich companion website, this innovative guide will help you
    • Immediately engage students in fun, classroom-ready argumentation activities
    • Plan lessons that foster lively, content-driven, viable argumentation
    • Help students explore mathematical ideas and take ownership of their learning
    • Facilitate deep mathematical understanding
    • Promote students’ precise use of mathematical language to construct, justify, and critique mathematical ideas and mathematical statements or the arguments of others.
    • Encourage logical, clear connections between abstract ideas for enhanced 21st century skills
This guide delivers all the tools you need to get serious about mathematical argumentation and bring well-planned, well-constructed mathematical discourse to life in your classroom today!

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