Language Instruction for Students With Disabilities

Fifth Edition
Edward A. Polloway | Lynda Miller | Tom E.C. Smith
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Language Instruction for Students With Disabilities, Fifth Edition is a major revision of the classic work in the field. In its fifth edition, the book has been thoroughly updated with attention to contemporary research and programs for language instruction and language arts. It retains its primary focus on assessment and intervention for students with disabilities.
This book is intended to be used as a text for teacher education programs, with particular emphasis on courses related to language acquisition, language arts instruction, curriculum and methods, and evidence-based practices. Special attention is given to cultural and linguistic diversity, social-pragmatic aspects of language, and adolescents with language disabilities.
  1. Introduction to Language, Speech, and Communication
  2. Language Development: Infancy through Adolescence
  3. Cultural Diversity and Language Differences
  4. Language Assessment and Instruction for Preschool Children
  5. Language Assessment and Instruction for School-Age Children and Adolescents
  6. Reading Concepts, Assessment, and General Instructional Strategies
  7. Reading Instructional Strategies: Focus on Word Recognition and Reading Comprehension
  8. Handwriting Assessment and Instruction
  9. Spelling Assessment and Instruction
  10. Written Expression
  11. Adolescents With Language Disabilities

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