High Tech for the Human Body

Susan Rose Simms
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What if you were born without one hand? What if you lost a leg in a car crash? With today’s high tech, people can get new parts for their bodies. Arms, legs, eyes, noses, ears, and other body parts can all be made to fit your body. Learn about the science behind these high-tech parts for people!
Glossary: 3-D, artificial, carbon fiber, cosmetic, electrode, electronics, high-tech, hinge, limb, mechanical, organ, prosthetic, pylon, socket, stem cells, tendon, tissue, titanium, transplant
Table of Contents
  • Hand Hooks and Wooden Legs
  • Arms and Hands
  • Legs and Feet
  • Bones and Joints
  • Eyes, Ears, Noses, and Tongues
  • Hearts, Lungs, Livers, and Kidneys

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