No More Fake Reading

Merging the Classics With Independent Reading to Create Joyful, Lifelong Readers

Berit Gordon
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It’s one of today’s most vexing problems for teachers: How do you motivate students with varied interests and little appetite for classic literature to stop faking their way through texts and start advancing as skilled, engaged readers?

Independent reading is an important part of the answer, but it’s just that — a part of the whole. In this groundbreaking book, Berit Gordon offers the complete solution, a blended model that combines the benefits of classic literature with the motivational power of choice reading.
With the blended model, teachers lead close examinations of key passages from classic texts, guiding students to an understanding of important reading strategies they can transfer to their choice books. Teachers gain a platform for demonstrating the critical reading skills students so urgently require, and students thrive on reading what they want to read.
In this research-backed book, Gordon leads you step by step to classroom success with the blended model, showing:
  • The basics of getting your classroom library up and running
  • How to build a blended curriculum for both fiction and non-fiction units, keeping relevant standards in mind
  • Tips and resources to help with day-to-day planning
  • Ideas for selecting class novel passages that provide essential cultural capital and bolster students’ reading skills
  • Strategies for bringing talk into your blended reading classroom
  • How to reach the crucial learning goal of transfer
  • A practical, user-friendly approach for assessing each student’s progress
No More Fake Reading gives you all the tools you need to put the blended model to work for your students and transform your classroom into a vibrant reading environment.

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