Test of Word Finding: Computer Administered (TWF-3:CA)

Base System

Third Edition
(online access with 30 administrations included)
Diane J. German
  • Ages 4-6 through 12-11 years
  • Testing Time 20-30 minutes
  • Administration Individual
  • Product Code 13062 ( MR #068272 )

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Both PC and Mac™ compatible, the Test of Word Finding–Third Edition: Computer Administered (TWF-3:CA) is a norm-referenced, single-word expressive language test expressly designed to assess children’s word-finding ability. It can be used to identify students who have word-finding problems, plan word finding intervention, and measure word finding ability in research studies.
The TWF-3: CA includes all the features of the TWF-3 print version plus:
  • Fully HIPPA-compliant, secure and encrypted cloud-based environment.
  • Automatic selection of the age- and grade-appropriate TWF-3 form based on the examinee’s chronological age.
  • Complete administration of the TWF-3, including the Imitation Procedure, Phonemic Cueing Procedure, and Comprehension Check.
  • Automatic recording of accuracy, delay, comprehension, and phonemic cueing scores.
  • Automatic calculation of total raw score, corresponding standard score, and percentile rank.
  • Optional Informal Analysis forms for recording student responses during testing.
  • Optional Informal Analysis data entry and interpretation.
  • Item, Standard, and Detailed Score Reports available for saving, editing, and/or printing.
  • Detailed Score Report includes full formal and informal analysis of the examinee’s performance.
  • PDF copies of the TWF-3 Examiner’s Manual and TWF-3: CA User’s Guide.
  • Saves examinee data across multiple administrations.
System requirements:
  • PC or Mac™ desktop or laptop computer.
  • High speed/broadband Internet connection.
  • Web Browser with support for HTML5 (minimum acceptable versions include: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Firefox 24 or higher, Safari 6.0 or higher, Google Chrome 34 or higher; Opera 22 or higher.
  • Must enable Javascript.