Level 2

set of 5 books
Holly I. Melton
  • Reading Level 2
  • Grades / Interest Level 4 - 9
  • Lexile 530 - 580
  • Format 5" x 7" books
  • Pages 48 pages each
  • Product Code 2345-0 ( MR #068335 )

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Animals of the Atacama
What can survive the world’s driest desert?
How do animals find food, water, and shelter there? Toads do it. Penguins and flamingos do it. Lizards do, too. But why do lizards lose their tails? And how “giant” is a giant hummingbird? The desert will tell you its secrets!
Animals of the Rockies
Animals of the Rockies have to be tough!
On the cold tundra, animals do surprising things to survive. Does the long-tailed weasel really eat half its body weight each day? Do mountain goats leap off cliffs? What animals can fight for 24 hours? Why does one animal have teeth that never stop growing? Meet the animals of the alpine tundra.
Animals of Borneo
They run, swing, glide, and fly!
Welcome to the rain forest. Some amazing animals live here! Meet the world’s smallest rhino and the largest mammal that lives in trees. Meet some monkeys with really long noses. And check out lizards and snakes that fly! The animals of the rain forest get around.
Animals of the Arctic
Are there really unicorns in the Arctic Ocean?
What does it take to survive the icy Arctic world? Why does one bird fly from the North Pole to the South Pole and back? What sea animal is called the "insect of the sea"? And did we mention unicorns? The Arctic ice is full of action!
Animals of the Serengeti
Come along on the Great Migration!
Would you walk 1,000 miles with two million others? Every year, animals of the Serengeti make this trip. Meet a big cat that is the world’s fastest land mammal. Find out if hyenas really laugh. And how many muscles are in an elephant's trunk? The African grasslands are full of life.

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