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Treating Cognitive-Communication Disorders in Adults

manual with 75 x 2 (150) photo cards
Naomi Gurevich
  • Copyright 2020
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Treating Cognitive-Communication Disorders in Adults is a much-needed, comprehensive resource for speech–language pathologists to use when treating adults who have been diagnosed with acquired neurogenic disorders for cognitive-communication, language, and speech deficits. The kit contains 75 paired photos (150 total) and a manual with in-depth instructions for a wide range of age-appropriate intervention activities.
  • All activities are versatile and flexible with respect to the functional needs of a wide range of clients seen in health-care settings. Sample short- and long-term goals and advice on how to document each activity are included.
  • All activities rely on conceptual frameworks and treatment approaches supported in the literature. A chapter in the manual summarizes each treatment approach and provides supportive literature. An extensive reference list is also included.
  • All activities use photos and are not tied to any one language, and can therefore be used by clinicians for clients of many nationalities.
  • The manual includes an index of goals and an index of disorders to help clinicians select appropriate activities for their clients.
  • The manual also includes two useful appendices to support clinicians: One addresses goal writing and one contains client-education handouts.

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