The Inca Empire

Lydia Lukidis
  • Grades / Interest Level 5 - 12
  • Reading Level 3
  • Lexile HL670
  • Format 5½" x 8½"
  • Pages 48
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In 1911, the Inca people were all but forgotten. Then Hiram Bingham traveled to the jungles of Peru. There, he made amazing discoveries of Inca ruins from hundreds of years ago. Who were the Incas? How did their tiny tribe turn into a mighty empire? And why did they disappear?
Book includes maps, timeline and a glossary.
agriculture, altitude, archaeologist, citadel, civilization, conquer, conquistadors, economy, emperor, empire, engineer, excavate, hierarchy, labor, legend, monarchy, mortar, natural resources, precious, quinoa, quipu, smallpox
Table of Contents
Deep in the Jungle
An Empire Rises
The Inca Way of Life
The Inca Economy
Highlights of the Inca Empire
The End of an Empire

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