The Indus Valley Civilization

Lydia Lukidis
  • Grades / Interest Level 5 - 12
  • Reading Level 3
  • Lexile HL650
  • Format 5½" x 8½"
  • Pages 48
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More than 1,000 sites have been unearthed from the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. The Indus people built cities with indoor plumbing and sewage systems. They made jewelry and weapons from metal. They traded with their neighbors. They had a system of writing. Yet much about this culture remains unknown today. Why? Read about the mystery of the Indus Valley people.
Book includes maps, timeline, diagram and a glossary.
Glossary: agriculture, alternate, archaeologist, architecture, citadel, civilization, decline, drought, economy, engineer, excavate, natural resources, nomad, rural, sanitation, seal, standardized, tomb, uniform, urban
Table of Contents
An Accidental Discovery
A Civilization Rises
The Indus Valley Lifestyle
The Indus Valley Economy
Highlights of the Indus Valley Civilization
The Collapse of the Indus Valley Civilization

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