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Study and Executive Function Skills for Students with Learning and Behavior Problems

A Practitioner's Guide

Third Edition
John J. Hoover | James R. Patton
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  • Copyright 2021
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This third edition includes practical ideas, suggestions, and reproducible forms related to the development and use of executive functions and their associated study skills for use at school and at home.
Written for special and inclusive educators in Grades K–12, this updated book emphasizes the use of skill sets within the context of actual classroom tasks and is framed around the four executive functions of inhibition, cognitive flexibility, working memory, and organization. This edition covers current topics in education (i.e., multi-tiered system of supports, response to intervention, differentiated instruction, inclusion and equity, accommodations, cooperative learning, and culturally and linguistically responsive teaching) and their relevance to executive functions and study skills education. Includes full access to online e-book.
  1. Understanding Study and Executive Function Skills
  2. Executive Function: Inhibition
  3. Executive Function: Cognitive Flexibility
  4. Executive Function: Working Memory
  5. Executive Function: Organization

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