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Cultural Proficiency

A Manual for School Leaders

Fourth Edition
Randall B. Lindsey | Kikanza Nuri-Robins | Raymond D. Terrell | Delores B. Lindsey
  • Copyright 2018
  • Grades PreK - 12
  • Pages 360
  • Format 7" x 10"
  • Product Code 9781506390543 ( MR #068778 )

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This is a book for everyone who teaches.  Whether you are responsible for your organization’s training and development, you are providing basic education in an elementary school, or you are creating workshops for professional development, this book will help you manage the dynamics of difference necessary to create an environment where all students can learn.  Use this book as a workbook for small groups, or as a guide for improving the cultural competence of your teaching.
“This book is a riveting and unparalleled resource for all educational merchants of hope. . . . The insights, learning strategies, and professional development structures in this edition illuminate a path for all leaders to successfully commit to the journey of being equity champions!”
--Dr. Erick E. Witherspoon, National Director of Equity Professional Development Services
Generation Ready
“There is no greater honor than to have one’s professional work become the inspiration for a new way of thinking, and transformative literature and action that change the world for schools and the children and youth they serve. I am grateful that the ideas have been so skillfully brought to scale by these authors.”
--Dr. Terry L. Cross, MSW, Founder and Senior Advisor
National Indian Child Welfare Association

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