Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class (Elementary School)

Engage Students, Improve Number Sense, and Practice Reasoning

John J. SanGiovanni
  • Pages 192
  • Copyright 2019
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Do your students need more practice to develop number sense and reasoning? Are you looking to engage your students with activities that are uncomplicated, worthwhile, and doable? Have you had success with number talks but do your students crave more variety? Have you ever thought, “What can I do differently?”
Swap out traditional warmup practices and captivate your elementary students with these new, innovative, and ready-to-go routines! Trusted elementary math expert John J. SanGiovanni details 20 classroom-proven practice routines to help you ignite student engagement, reinforce learning, and prepare students for the lesson ahead. Each quick and lively activity spurs mathematics discussion and provides a structure for talking about numbers, number concepts, and number sense. Designed to jump-start mathematics reasoning in any elementary classroom, the routines are:
  • Rich with content-specific examples and extensions
  • Modifiable to work with math content at any K-5 grade level
  • Compatible with any textbook or core mathematics curriculum
  • Practical, easy-to-implement, and flexible for use as a warm-up or other activity
Accompanied by online slides and video demonstrations, the easy 5–10 minute routines become your go-to materials for a year’s work of daily plug-and-play short-burst reasoning and fluency instruction that reinforces learning and instills mathematics confidence in students.
Students’ brains are most ready to learn in the first few minutes of math class. Give math practice routines a makeover in your classroom with these 20 meaningful and energizing warmups for learning crucial mathematics skills and concepts, and make every minute count.
“Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class provides easily implemented, highly engaging activities for students to develop fluency and flexibility with number operations, foster reasoning, and further develop number sense. This book is a game changer for teachers to have easily implemented routines that not only provide rich formative data about content and mathematical practices but also replace the mundane activities typically utilized at the opening of a math class.”
Natalie Crist
Baltimore County Public Schools, Baltimore, MD
“These routines have revolutionized our daily instruction—our students beg to do number routines every day! Straightforward and easy to implement with little or no prep, these routines change students’ thinking about math in a positive way. Our students are more engaged and students at all ages are building better number sense.”
Marissa Walsh
Blue Spring School District, Blue Springs, MO
“Classroom teachers will be jumping with excitement when they discover John SanGiovanni’s Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class. This long awaited elementary book is ready for immediate use and offers high-quality thinking and reasoning number routines teachers want and need to use with students. Teachers will find this book to be the perfect tool for practicing critical skills and concepts and will absolutely love choosing daily routines that make a difference.”
Ruth Harbin Miles
Mary Baldwin University, Staunton, VA
“What a helpful resource! Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class does just that and so much more! These routines and their many extensions truly engage students in developing and extending their sense of number while emphasizing the importance of reasoning.”
Francis (Skip) Fennell
McDaniel College
“If you are an elementary teacher who is looking for math tasks that are easy to implement, build number sense, and encourage collaboration among students this resource is for you! Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class provides engaging tasks that will get your students thinking and reasoning about mathematics within the first minute of your math lesson. SanGiovanni provides all of the support you will need to get these quick, easy-to-prepare routines implemented in your own classroom.”
Susie Katt
Lincoln Public School, Lincoln, NE
“Designing and implementing regular opportunities for students to develop, use, and apply number sense is the hallmark of effective teaching. In Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class: Engage Students, Improve Number Sense, and Practice Reasoning, author John SanGiovanni provides an incredible variety of number sense routines that will engage students in reasoning about mathematics in positive and productive ways. With 20 unique routines at their fingertips, teachers can mindfully and purposefully engage students in mathematics discourse that will bolster students’ learning strengths and needs.”
Beth McCord Kobett
Stevenson University, Stevenson, MD
“This is a fantastic collection of engaging and meaningful routines, a must-own for K–5 teachers. For teachers, the instructions are straightforward and the examples very helpful. For students, these are fun and challenging! For both, there are so many great routines, they won’t get `old’ and the routines address a great mix of mathematics (whole numbers, fractions, operations, geometry, etc.) and learning tools (number lines, pictures, graphic organizers, etc.). Estimation, such a difficult and important topic, is effectively addressed in numerous routines! I will be sharing the ideas from this book with teachers at all levels—Elementary Mathematics specialists and preservice teachers—helping them to see how many ways they can engage students in mathematical reasoning and sense-making!”
Jennifer M. Bay Williams
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

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