Introduction to Intellectual Disability, Autism, and Developmental Disabilities

Edward A. Polloway | Emily C. Bouck | Caroline Everington
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  • Copyright 2021
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Introduction to Intellectual Disability, Autism, and Developmental Disabilities presents a basic discussion of intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, and other developmental disabilities. Emphases include the characteristics of people with these disabilities and their developmental needs across the lifespan. This essential resource is intended for professionals and future professionals who work in the fields of special education, elementary and secondary general education, psychology, and human services.
This text includes three major sections: Foundations, Characteristics, and IDD Across the Lifespan.
Part I—Foundations
1. Intellectual Disability, Autism, and Developmental Disabilities: An Introduction
2. Historical Foundations of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Autism
3. Conceptual, Definitional, and Assessment Considerations
4. Legal Aspects
5. Causation: Genetic Transmission and Chromosomal Differences
6. Congenital and Environmental Considerations and Prevention Considerations
Part II—Characteristics
7. Mild Intellectual Disability
8. Autism Spectrum Disorder
9. Significant Disabilities
10. Neurological and Sensory Conditions Associated With Developmental Disabilities
Part III—IDD Across the Lifespan
11. Family Considerations
12. Early Childhood
13. School Years
14. Transition
15. Adulthood
16. Technology Supports

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