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Sets 1 & 2 (20 books)

Graeme Wilkinson
  • Grades / Interest Level K - 2
  • Ages 5 - 7
  • Reading Level Phonics
  • Format 8½" x 5½" softcover (28 pages each)
  • Product Code 2537-9 ( MR #069133 )

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Decodable Books for Beginning Readers

Little Sprouts is a collection of engaging decodable books for beginning readers. With inviting full-color illustrations, they provide beginners with practice in specific phonics skills. The first two sets of 10 books each are offered together so readers can move smoothly through the progression of phonics skills.
The aim of Little Sprouts is to make a child's first steps into reading as simple as possible in order to build confidence and enjoyment. The first 10 books in this set offer the following decoding skills: single consonants, short vowels, consonant /z/ sound spelled s, initial and final consonant blends, inflectional ending - s. The next 10 books in set offer the additional decoding skill of final double consonants.
The Sprout Helper at the end of each book is designed to help educators guide students. It contains a list of the book’s decodable words and any irregular high-frequency words (sight words). Also included are questions to check students’ literal comprehension of what they have read.
Books are softcover, 20 to 28 pages in length.

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