Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts - SPANISH (WABC-S)

Prueba de Conceptos B-sicos Wiig

Elisabeth H. Wiig | Henriette Langdon
  • Ages 3 - 7
  • Testing Time 10 - 15 minutes
  • Administration Individual
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The Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts-Spanish (WABC-S) by WABC author Elisabeth Wiig and noted bilingual author Henriette Langdon, gives you an excellent way to identify basic concept deficiencies in your Spanish-speaking students.
The WABC-S tests 100 basic concepts in Spanish across seven categories:
  • Color/Shape (Color/Forma)
  • Quantity/Completeness (Cantidad/Capacidad)
  • Location/Direction (Ubicación/Orientación)
  • Sensation/Emotion/Evaluation (Sensación/Emoción/Evaluación)
  • Weight/Volume (Peso/Volumen)
  • Condition/Quality (Condición/Calidad)
  • Distance/Speed/Time (Distancia/Velocidad/Tiempo)
What Makes the WABC-S Special?
  • Careful consideration of vocabulary - The WABC-S contains multiple word choices that allow you to use appropriate regional vocabulary from a variety of Spanish-speaking regions (Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, as well as Central and South America).
  • True concept understanding - The WABC-S assesses a child's understanding of 100 basic concepts. It tests the first concept receptively ("¿cuál de los osos es grande?" Child points to big bear) and the related/opposite concept expressively ("Este oso es grande y este oso es" Child says, "chiquito").
  • Age appropriate - The WABC-S contains tests for two age levels. Nivel 1- Un Día en el Zoológico is for preschool children ages 3;0 to 5;11 years, and Nivel 2- Un Día en el Parque is for children in kindergarten and early elementary grades ages 5;0 to 7;11.
  • Valid and Reliable - The WABC-S is a valid and reliable assessment instrument. For the standardization, the population sample included 685 children from the US and Spanish-Speaking countries. The population from the U.S. closely resembles 2000 U.S. Census data. Test-Retest correlations were very good with r = .97 for Nivel 1 Total Score and r = .93 Nivel 2 Total Score. Inter-rater reliability was also high, where both Nivel 1 and Nivel 2 was r = .97 or higher. In comparison to the Boehm-3 Spanish, we found that both tests examine similar skills (Nivel 1 Total Raw Scores, r = .75 and Nivel 2 Total Raw Scores, r = .73)