The Adventures of Doc Leeda

A Colour-Coded Approach to Reading

Complete Set (11 books)
Mindy Reese
  • Reading Level 2
  • Grades / Interest Level K - 4
  • Lexile Level 460 - 570
  • Copyright 2022
  • Product Code 2369-6 ( MR #069241 )

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Doc Leeda is a vet with a magical power—she can speak to and understand animals. Join her as she cares for sick and injured animals—and helps young readers learn the many ways to spell vowel phonemes.
Designed for teachers, parents, and aides to use in one-to-one and small-group learning, each book focuses on one phoneme, which is highlighted each time it appears in the text. Engaging full-color illustrations appear on every story page. Each book includes directions for an adult helper, and a review of concepts for the student.
Trey the Horse Gets a New Home (“long a” sound)
Trey the gray horse has come to live at Jane’s farm. Trey is afraid, until he meets Kay, who also lives on the farm. They make friends and trot off to play.
Lilly the Monkey Becomes a Mom (“long e” sound)
Lilly the monkey is about to give birth. When Doc Leeda examines Lilly, she has a big surprise for her. Zookeeper Haley doesn’t know why Lilly makes such a screech.
Niles the Bison Gets Hurt (“long i” sound)
Doc Leeda takes a bike ride and finds a bison lying down with a cut in his side. Doc Leeda takes care of him, then makes sure no other animals get hurt!
Odin the Goat Gets Sick (“long o” sound)
Odin the goat has eaten something that made him sick. Doc Leeda can’t figure out what Odin ate. But Sloan the toad and Bo the crow solve the mystery.
Sister Elephants Disagree (“short e” sound)
Emma and Ellen are sister elephants who have had a fight. The elephants said it was about food! Doc Leeda helps the elephants make up and share better!
Nick the Stingray Needs Help (“short i” sound)
Doc Leeda and her friend Lynn go swimming. They find a stingray tangled in a fish hook and line. Leeda wants to help him, but he has to promise not to sting her!
Molly the Otter Is Rescued (“short o” sound)
After a storm, two otters and an octopus wash up on the rocks. One otter is hurt. The octopus has lost an arm. They can’t go home until they are well!
Hunter the Duckling Is Lost (“short u” sound)
Doc Leeda’s dog, Rusty, finds a young duck under a shrub. The duckling has cut his foot. Doc Leeda takes care of him. Then she has to find his mother!
Dawson the Hawk Saves a Fawn (“aw” sound)
Doc Leeda and her dog take a hike. They find a hawk with his claw stuck. They free the hawk, who launches into the air. Then the hawk finds a hurt fawn. It’s a busy day for Doc Leeda!
Helping Brownie the Cow (“ow” sound)
Brownie the cow has hurt her hoof. When Doc Leeda goes to the barn, she hears a loud squeak. It is Clouse the mouse. Both Brownie and Clouse need Doc Leeda’s help!
Lou the Kangaroo Gets Adopted (“long oo” sound)
The zoo has a new baby kangaroo named Lou. Doc Leeda and Zookeeper Lucy explain to a group of kids that Lou lost his mother. They want another kangaroo, Oona, to adopt him. Will Oona take him?

  • Doc Leeda

  • Trey The Horse

  • Lou The Kangaroo

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