Assessment in Special and Inclusive Education

Fourteenth Edition
James E. Ysseldyke | Erin A. Chaparoo | Amanda M. VanDerHeyden
  • Format 8½" x 11" soft cover
  • Pages ~465
  • Copyright 2022
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Educational assessment has undergone substantial change since the first publication in 1978 of Assessment in Special and Inclusive Education: improved assessment tools and strategies, new models and technologies, and revised federal laws—all of which improve assessment practices and student outcomes.
Intended for a first course in assessment, the fourteenth edition offers straightforward coverage of assessment concepts, evaluations of standardized tests, and applications for decision-making. All chapters have been updated, five are entirely new, and some are revised substantially or eliminated. The fourteenth edition focuses clearly on assessment for promoting academic and social–emotional outcomes.
Part I: Overview and Important Considerations
Part II: Providing Support and Monitoring Student Progress
Part III: Using Formal Measures
Part IV: Using Assessment Information to Make Educational Decisions
Features include overviews of standardized tests, stakeholder perspectives, learning objectives, progress monitoring checks, and instructor’s manual with test bank.

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