Assisting Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury

The Role of Speech-Language Pathologists

Third Edition
Karen Hux | Carly Dinnes
  • Target Group All Ages
  • Pages 520
  • Format 7" x 10"
  • Copyright 2022
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How does one help people with traumatic brain injury when often it is essentially a “hidden disability” and the person affected is virtually indistinguishable from noninjured people? This book prepares graduate students and practicing speech–language pathologists for serving people with TBI.
This third edition includes examples of interprofessional collaboration; new chapters relating specifically to assessment procedures and evidence-based interventions regarding cognitive-communication disorders, including sections on reading and writing; psychosocial and mental health concerns; postsecondary pursuits for young adults with TBI; and ethical considerations for working with people with TBI.
It is organized into three sections:
  1. Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury: Includes definitions, epidemiology, injury severity, mechanisms of injury, and interprofessional practice.
  2. Understanding the Role of Speech–Language Pathologists: Discusses the major disorders associated with TBI, including disorders of consciousness, cognitive-communication disorders, AAC assessment and intervention, and dysarthria associated with TBI.
  3. Understanding Reintegration: Provides guidance regarding pertinent issues and effective methods of transitioning survivors into family, community, educational, and vocational settings.
Many survivors of TBI, along with their families, share real-life stories and experiences in this book.

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