Road Trip Detectives

Set of 5 books
Michael Burgan
  • Grades / Interest Level 3 - 8
  • Ages 9 - 14
  • Reading Level 2
  • Format 5" x 7" sofcover (48 pages each)
  • Product Code 2199-9 ( MR #069366 )

Price $35.00

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Meet the Road Trip Detectives! Grace and Luke’s dad is Nick, a travel writer. Nick has taken his kids and their friend David on a summer road trip around the country. Wherever they stop, there is a mystery to be solved! Why has Luna Lake dried up? What is going on in Hidden Cave? Who is the intruder at the Sea Center? This latest series joins a long line of popular mystery books from High Noon Books.
The Vanishing Lake
What has happened to the water in Luna Lake? When the kids arrive there, the water level is really low. It’s so low that local farmers can’t water their crops! Can the Road Trip Detectives find out where the water is going?
The Robot Ruse
The kids have entered a robot in a race. But when all the robots get tangled up, the other teams accuse Grace, Luke, and David of cheating! The Road Trip Detectives must find out what happened and clear their names.
The Sea Center Sneak
The kids and Nick get to tour a new sea center—before it’s even open! But strange things happen inside the sea center at night when no one is around. Will the Road Trip Detectives figure out why?
Trouble at the Cave
Hidden Cave has been walled off for years. But when the kids visit at night, the wall is gone. Then the kids see a light on inside! Why is Hidden Cave open again? It’s up to the Road Trip Detectives to find out!
Prowler at the Park
After an accident at Thrill-Land, the park was closed. But when the kids explore the park, they find lights and power on. Then a shadowy figure runs through the park! The Road Trip Detectives want to know what’s going on!