Jennifer Liss
  • Grades / Interest Level 3 - 8
  • Reading Level 2
  • Lexile Level 530
  • Pages 160
  • Format 6" x 9"
  • Copyright 2022
  • Product Code 2559-1 ( MR #069432 )

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Zee and his Grandma Max share a secret. They know that the big, red rock in the open desert behind their house has special, time-traveling powers. Join Zee as he uncovers hidden truths in the past, present, and future. He faces bullies, corrects old lies, and even escapes from dinosaurs! With kindness and compassion, Zee discovers his own inner strength and how to be brave. But, when Grandma Max gets sick, will he be able to save the only person who has always believed in him—and the person he loves most in the world?
This 160-page graphic novel includes five stories and more than 400 full-color illustrations, 2nd grade readability, and controlled vocabulary.
Zee and the Mysterious Red Rock: People think Grandma Max has some strange ideas. She says the big red rock behind her house is alive. A trip to the past convinces Zee she is right, and he wants to prove it. But that turns out to be a big mistake!
Blister’s Secret: Zee’s classmate Blister is a bully. But Blister, too, has a secret. When Zee travels to a sideways time, he discovers Blister’s secret life. Will Zee use it to take revenge on Blister?
The Real Hero: Zee takes a trip to Grandma Max’s past. When Max was just a girl, she raised the alarm about a dust storm coming to town. But someone else took the credit. Now Zee has a chance to confront the wrong "hero."
Train Talk: A plan to run trains to Luckville sends Zee on a trip to the future. There, Luckville is overrun by tourists, and the red rock’s powers are no longer a secret. Can Zee stop that from happening?
Emergency!: Zee feels like Grandma Max is the only person who really believes in him. Then Grandma Max gets sick. She makes Zee promise to try to make new friends. But can he trust anyone else?