Case Studies for Inclusive Schools

Fourth Edition
Peggy L. Anderson | Tina J. Herring
  • Pages 208
  • Format 8½" x 11" (softcover)
  • Copyright 2022
  • Product Code 40005 ( MR #069466 )

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Case Studies for Inclusive Schools–Fourth Edition, is a major revision that provides a stimulating format for understanding a variety of inclusion issues in the schools. The content focuses on problem solving from a collaborative perspective. Teacher education students and teaching professionals can use this excellent text to explore the different attitudes, problems, and situations that arise in the schools.
Challenges associated with integrating students with disabilities into general education classrooms are highlighted in the case studies. The content of the case study questions in the book reflects current instructional concerns including: trauma-based teaching, assistive technology, curriculum accessibility, cultural/linguistic factors, response to intervention, evaluation, transition, placement and behavioral challenges.
The fourth edition also provides a new chapter that focuses on landmark special education cases that have important implications for providing appropriate services for all children and adolescents with disabilities.

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