Memory Practice Accelerates Learning

spiral-bound book (with online access to reproducible pages)
Jean Elbaum
  • Pages 504
  • Format 8½" x 11" spiralbound
  • Copyright 2023
  • Product Code 40016 ( MR #069529 )

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“Mem-PAL stands alone as the gold standard of memory rehabilitation workbooks.”
—Wendy C. Silverman, Clinic Director, Hofstra University
Mem-PAL: Memory Practice Accelerates Learning is an evidence-based workbook for clinicians treating clients with memory challenges. Numerous state-of-the-art techniques and exercises have been created to help clients sharpen their attention, retrieval, and prospective recall. There is an emphasis on the use of compensatory strategies to boost recall. Extensive innovative exercises are designed to accelerate recall including those featuring memory for names/faces and street signs.
This memory workbook is essential for members of the neuro-rehabilitation team working with individuals with memory challenges secondary to traumatic brain injury, stroke/aneurysm, anoxia, encephalitis, and brain tumor, as well as mild cognitive impairment. Specifically, this workbook is tailored to speech–language therapists, occupational therapists, and cognitive therapists. Special education teachers, caregivers of individuals with acquired brain injuries, and clients with acquired brain injuries with mild to moderate memory challenges will also find great benefit in utilizing these numerous exercises.

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