An Advanced Review of Speech-Language Pathology

Preparation for the SLP Praxis and Comprehensive Examinations

Sixth Edition
book (with online access)
Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin | M. N. Hegde | Glen M. Tellis
  • Pages 656
  • Format 8½" x 11"
  • Copyright 2024
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Get the best SLP Praxis preparation with this newly-updated, comprehensive review, study guide, textbook, online practice exams, and reference, all in one! This text extracts the most current, important, and relevant information from the entire field of speech–language pathology for your review.
Simulate the most current Praxis exam experience with the completely revised Online Practice Exams. These interactive, Web-based practice tests include questions from three content categories:
  • foundations and professional practice
  • screening, assessment, evaluation, and diagnosis
  • planning, implementation, and evaluation of treatment
The included online subscription allows you to take 12 full-length exams and numerous short, topic-targeted tests.
After completing a test, review your total score, total time taken to test, average time per question, number of incorrect answers, and percentage of correct answers. Your correct and incorrect attempts for each topic will also be displayed. Additionally, you will receive an analysis of your results and a comparison of your scores over multiple administrations. There are greatly expanded and new features including tutor mode, notetaking, and flash cards. Get the most out of your study time—take an exam, identify areas that need additional study, review the materials, and repeat the exam.
Revised and expanded chapters include:
  • Phonetics and acoustics with new illustrations
  • Motor speech disorders and dysphagia
  • Research designs and statistics
  • Professional issues
  • Plus state-of-the-art anatomical photo illustrations!
Experienced professionals will also find this text an excellent resource and quick reference for the most current information on a wide variety of topic areas.

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