Cognitive Strategies and Techniques for Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Revised Edition
Kit B. Malia | Kristin C. Bewick | Michael J. Raymond | Thomas L. Bennett
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The Brainwave–R is a comprehensive pen-and-paper–based cognitive rehabilitation program that is divided into five hierarchically graded modules:
Attention, Visual Processing, Memory, Information Processing, and Executive Functions. The program comprises the following: (a) education—an overview of current theories relevant to rehabilitation that was designed to be used by the therapist with the client and family to ensure full understanding of the problem area; (b) therapist instructions—rating scales, clinical guidelines, suggestions for how to involve the family, a performance summary chart, and questions to encourage the client to determine the functional relevance of each exercise; and (c) client exercises.

Each module comprises a reproducible therapist and client workbook and contains up to 4 weeks of exercises that involve the client’s working for 1 to 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. The program includes a total of 223 different exercises that aim to optimize the development of functional skills via education, training on basic cognitive skills, and opportunities for generalization and strategy training. A metacognitive component to each exercise helps develop awareness of deficits and selfmonitoring and self-evaluation skills. The modules are suited to persons with moderate or mild disabilities but can be adapted for use with individuals with more severe disabilities.