Autism Spectrum Disorders

Issues in Assessment and Intervention

Patricia A. Prelock
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Autism Spectrum Disorders emphasizes the roles of communication, play, and social interaction in understanding and managing the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This comprehensive text has two primary uses: as a textbook in courses dealing with autism and as a resource for families who are affected by ASD.

The book has two major sections: Assessment and Intervention. The thirteen chapters begin with three to five key questions that guide readers’ thinking; those questions are revisited at the end of the chapter. Chapters also include a list of resources related to their content areas. In addition, each chapter contains a glossary of terms, some suggested readings, and a number of practice opportunities for the reader and learner to apply the information presented.

Professionals in speech-language pathology, psychology, education, early childhood, special education, social work, pediatrics, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, and audiology will all find this to be a useful teaching tool and valuable resource.