Building Life Skill Portfolios

spiralbound book (with CD)
Lynn Henderson | Patricia Winram
  • Grades 6 - 12
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A highly structured, comprehensive curriculum helping students work toward independence.

  • Guides a structured and comprehensive creation of portfolios to reference
  • Includes five major areas of focus: functional academics, home, outdoors, recreation and health, and community, country, and world
  • Each focus area has a difficulty rating and 25-40 skills
A highly structured, comprehensive curriculum that allows students to work toward independence by learning functional life and academic skills. Following this program, students build a portfolio they take with them through the grades as they approach graduation. Each of five sections contains 25-40 skill areas which vary in difficulty from 1-5. Sections include: Functional Academics; Home; Outdoors; Recreation and Health; Community, Country and World.
A PDF on CD contains lots of supplemental materials to those provided in the book.

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  • Pages 200
  • Copyright 2006