Mindsets and Moves

Strategies That Help Readers Take Charge, Grades 1 - 8

Gravity Goldberg
  • Grades 1 - 8
  • Pages 240
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What if you could have an owner’s manual on reading ownership? What if there really were a framework for building students’ agency and independence?

There’s no “what if?” about it. When it comes to teaching reading, Gravity Goldberg declares there is a structure, one that works with your current curriculum, to help readers take charge. The way forward Gravity says lies in admiring, studying, and really getting to know your students.

Consider Mindsets & Moves your guide. Here, Gravity describes how to let go of our default roles of assigner, monitor, and manager and instead shift to a growth mindset. Easily replicable in any setting, any time, her 4 M framework ultimately lightens your load because they allow students to monitor and direct their reading lives.

•Miner: Uncovering Students’ Reading Processes (Focus: Assessment)
•Mirror: Giving Feedback That Reinforces a Growth Mindset (Focus: Feedback)
•Model: Showing Readers What We Do (Focus: Demonstration]
•Mentor: Guiding Students to Try New Ways of Reading (Focus: Guided Practice and Coaching)

Get started on the 4Ms tomorrow! Gravity has loaded the book with practical examples, lessons, reading process and strategy lists, and a 35-page photo tour of exemplary reading classrooms with captions that distill best practices. All figures, student work and photographs are provided in vibrant, full color.

We are in the midst of an ownership crisis, and readers of every ability and in every grade are more often compliant than fully engaged. Use Mindsets & Moves as that rare resource that makes something highly complex suddenly clear and inspiring for you.

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