Manual of Aphasia and Aphasia Therapy

Second Edition
Nancy Helm-Estabrooks, ScD, CCC-SLP | Martin L. Albert
  • Pages 421
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This second edition of the Manual of Aphasia and Aphasia Therapy is completely revised and updated.  Treatmetn of aphasia has undergone momentous changes, which are reflected in this edition.  Since the first edition was published, new tecnologies for analyzing the neuroanatomy of language have transformed the study of brain-language relations.  To understand aphasia, one has to understand its neural basis.  In a clinically relevant, straightforward manner, this text describes the neuroanatomical and neuropathologic bases and differential diagnosis of aphasia; neurologic, neuropsychologic, and language exams; the developmetn of individualized treatment programs; the implementation of existing methods; and the neuropsychiatric, psycholoscial, and legal aspects of aphasia.  Completely rewritten chapters and new chapters carry this book into the new centry by discussing in detail both functionally motivated and high-tech approaches to the assessment and rehabilitiation of aphasia.
  1. Foundation of Aphasia and Related Disorders
  2. Diagnostic Process
  3. Conceptual Framework for Aphasia Therapy
  4. Therapy Programs fro Improving Verbal Expression
  5. Therapy Programs for Improving Nonverbal Expression
  6. Therapy program sof Improving Auditory Comprehension
  7. Other Approaches and Considerations for Aphasia Rehabilitation