Cognitive Rehab

Kathryn J. Tomlin
  • Ages 16 - Adult
  • Pages 301
  • Format 8.5" x 11"
  • Product Code 31627 ( MR #065373 )

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With 300 pages of exercises, you'll use this book for almost every client who needs help with attention, memory, sequential thought, and reasoning.
Activities are organized into five skill areas:
  • Attention and Concentration—Simple, engaging activities help clients increase their attention and concentration. Tasks include beginner-level math problems, word-search puzzles, crossword puzzles, and visual scanning exercises.
  • Memory for General Information—Clients access remote memory to answer questions. Skills in concrete and abstract reasoning, comprehension of sentences and short paragraphs, and word retrieval are reinforced.
  • Visual and Auditory Memory—Learn memory strategies such as associations, chaining, and sequencing items. Thirty pages of practice materials are included.
  • Sequential Thought—Improve organization by sequencing letters to form words; words in sentences; and the steps in completing daily activities.
  • Reasoning—This section has 100 pages of activities to improve reasoning, problem-solving, and personal insight. The task content progresses from concrete to abstract in this general order: concrete and abstract categorization, logical conclusions, similarities and differences, opposites, inconsistencies in sentences, analogies, word deduction, proverbs, stating the problem, improving a situation, consequences, positive and negative viewpoints, multiple character viewpoints, and deduction puzzles.

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