WISC-IV Companion

A Guide to Interpretation and Educational Intervention

Steve Truch
  • Pages 307
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This book is for practicing school psychologists, clinical and counseling psychologists, and anyone else who uses the Wechsler Intelligence Scale–Fourth Edition (WISC–IV). The WISC–IV has been extensively revised; and because of that, some of its educational implications need to be revisited.  This book helps examiners generate hypotheses about individual children’s learning patterns. It draws heavily on the author’s extensive experience with administering and interpreting the WISC–R, WISC–III, and WISC–IV. The WISC–IV Companion promises to become the number one desk reference interpreting this test.
Extensively illustrated with face sheets from the WISC–IV, The WISC–IV Companion provides many examples of educational approaches and strategies that can be used in counseling and classroom settings, plus plenty of resources for further reading. It also arms readers with a comprehensive, eclectic understanding of the WISC–IV. Readers can quickly sift through and make sense of what the WISC–IV has to offer regarding a student’s educational and intervention needs.

  • Copyright 2006