Teaching Students With Medical, Physical, and Multiple Disabilities

A Practical Guide for Every Teacher

Bob Algozzine | Jim Ysseldyke
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Support the academic performance and independence of students with medical and physical disabilities!

If not properly addressed, a medical or physical disability that results in limited strength, mobility, vitality, and/or alertness can have as much of an adverse affect on a student's educational performance as a learning disability.
Including a pretest, posttest, and key vocabulary terms, this highly informative guide discusses the issues educators and school nurses need to be aware of in order to effectively support students with medical, physical, and multiple disabilities in the special or general education classroom. Highlights include:
  • Cognitive, academic, physical, behavioral, and communication characteristics of numerous medical and physical conditions
  • Helpful ideas for adjusting the classroom and school environments to suit the needs of students with medical and physical disabilities
  • Strategies for adapting instructional activities and materials for students with physical disabilities
  • Assistive technologies designed to enhance communication or mobility
  • Identification issues associated with multiple disabilities