Best Practices in Gifted Education

An Evidence-Based Guide

Ann Robinson, PhD | Bruce M. Shore, PhD | Donna L. Enersen, PhD
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A gifted education Legacy Award winner, Best Practices in Gifted Education provides concise, research-based advice to educators, administrators, and parents of gifted and talented youth.
The 29 practices included in this volume are the result of an extensive examination of educational research on what works with talented youth. The interest in culturally diverse and low-income learners, the means to identify talents, and the need for curriculum that appropriately challenges high-ability youth constitute just a few of the 29 practices.
Each practice is organized into a chapter containing two sections: What We Know and What We Can Do. The first section briefly describes the practice and summarizes the research. The second section suggests what course of action a parent, teacher, or administrator might take at home, in the classroom, or at school.
This book is a must-have for those who want a guide that makes a connection between research and practical action in gifted education.

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