Monitoring Basic Skills Progress (MBSP)

Second Edition
Lynn S. Fuchs | Carol Hamlett | Douglas Fuchs
  • Grades 1 - 6
  • Testing Time Varies
  • Administration Individual / Group
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The Monitoring Basic Skills Progress (MBSP) Blackline Masters are a researched-based standardized set of measurement and evaluation procedures. They provide a method to focus intensively on the math progress of individual students who have identified learning problems and to evaluate formatively and improve those student’s programs.  
MBSP includes directions for administering the tests, directions for scoring the tests, and technical data about the tests. Answer keys for the tests are provided in the appendixes. The tests are provided on blackline masters in separate books.
Teachers use a curriculum-based measurement (CBM) to monitor student progress in mathematics over the course of a school year. The kit is broken down into two major domains in mathematics:
Grades 1 through 6; contains a set of 30 reproducible tests for each grade level; each test contains 25 basic problems.
  • Grade 1 – Addition and subtraction
  • Grade 2 – More complex addition and subtraction
  • Grade 3 – Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Grade 4 & 5 – Fractions and decimals with addition and subtraction
  • Grade 6 – Fractions and decimals with multiplication and division
Grades 2 through 6; contains a set of 18-25 reproducible tests for each grade level; level of difficulty gradually increases with each grade level.
  • Grade 2 and Grade 3  – 18 problems per test; 24 problems per test. Counting; Number Concepts; Name of Numbers; Measurement; Money; Charts and Graphs; Fractions; Decimals; Applied Computations; and Word problems.  
  • Grade 4  – 24 problems per test. Number Concepts; Name of Numbers and Vocabulary; Measurement; Grid Reading; Charts and Graphs; Area and Perimeter; Fractions; Decimals; and Word Problems
  • Grade 5 – 23 problems per test. Numeration; Money; Measurement; Geometry; Charts and Graphs; Fractions and Factors; Decimals; Applied Computation; and Word Problems
  • Grade 6 – 25 problems per test. Numeration; Applied Computation; Measurement; Geometry; Percentages; Charts and Graphs; Word Problems; Ratios and Probability; Proportions; and Variables.