The Teacher's Concise Guide to Functional Behavioral Assessment

Raymond J. Waller
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Because every behavior has a reason behind it…

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is a highly effective, student-centered approach to improving challenging behavior. The method helps educators figure out why students act the way they do and then make the appropriate environmental or instructional adjustments.
Ideal for general and special educators new to FBAs, this concise, accessible guidebook offers a practical overview of how to use classroom and behavioral assessment data to make the learning environment enjoyable for all—including the teacher. Readers will learn how to:
» Identify and understand the underlying factors of challenging behavior
» Observe, collect, and analyze classroom data
» Adopt evidence-based intervention strategies to correct problem behavior
» Prepare a proactive plan for serious disruptions Blending light-hearted humor with personal experiences and case studies, the author provides concrete methods for positive, effective behavioral intervention.

  • Pages 136
  • Format 6" x 9"
  • Copyright 2009