Talk to Me, Baby!

How You can Support Young Children's Language Development

Betty S. Bardige
  • Pages 293
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Playful, engaging talk with young children is much more than a social activity: it's the foundation of language, intellectual, and social-emotional development, and it's also the key to narrowing the achievement gap between children from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Now there's a practical, easy-to-read guidebook that shows professionals and parents how to talk to and play with young children in ways that directly support their emerging language skills.
With passion, warmth, and wisdom, early education expert Betty Bardige takes readers on a fascinating tour through six stages in a young child's language development starting with the "baby babbles" of infancy and ending with the early literacy skills of the preschool and kindergarten years. For each stage, readers will
  • boost language skills with fun and easy activities that build on children's natural curiosity
  • get specific, research-based tips on how to talk to children of diverse backgrounds and temperaments, from encouraging their first words to answering their questions
  • tune into the questions children ask and the stories they tell with and without words
  • understand the typical milestones of language development
  • explore the language challenges children might encounter and how to help
  • help bilingual children develop skills in both languages
  • select playful, age-appropriate books, songs, and poems to share and enjoy together build communities that support every child's language development,  as well as their emotional security, confidence, and overall healthy development
A lively, compelling read, this book includes vivid examples of successful adult-child interactions, accessible summaries of what the latest studies say about language development, and a helpful study guide perfect for individual study or group trainings.
Essential reading for all early childhood professionals and a must to share with parents of infants and young children Talk to Me, Baby! will support interactions that capture children's imagination, strengthen communicative confidence, and build a framework for lasting success in school.