Screaming Quietly

5½" x 8¼"
Evan Jacobs
  • Lexile Level 590L
  • Grades / Interest Level 8 - 12, YA
  • Reading Level 4.2
  • Product Code SW0032 ( MR #057169 )

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Ian Taylor lives a secret life. At school he's a varsity football player, dating one of the hottest cheerleaders on campus. At home he's his divorced mother's right hand, helping her to keep his younger autistic brother, Davey, in line. To Ian, Davey is a freak. And no one must ever know about him. But it's a game changer when Davey begins attending a special day class at Ian's school. Undaunted, Ian continues his charade of denying Davey's existence, even when Davey has massive public meltdowns. He internalizes his strong feelings--Screaming Quietly inside--until resentment, anger, and embarrassment force him to burst. But his love for Davey and his desire to man up eventually allow him to overcome peer pressure and fully own his life.

Gravel Road <show description>

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