Varsity 170

5½" x 8¼"
Evan Jacobs
  • Reading Level 3
  • Grades / Interest Level 8 - 12, YA
  • Lexile Level 470L
  • Product Code SW8890 ( MR #057969 )

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Never in his wildest dreams could he imagine his best day turning into his worst. Chad and Marcus ruled the school. Smart. Athletic. Popular. A looming wrestle off for their weight class made Chad jumpy. Marcus told him to chill. But with one slam to the mat, Marcus would be dead.

Hard-hitting, contemporary young adult fiction is not trendy--it’s not dystopia. There are no vampires, no werewolves, no castles. It’s real life. It’s unflinching. Gravel Road highlights the talent of YA authors committed to creating realistic fiction with emotional authenticity. No topic is off-limits: suicide, homosexuality, drugs, rape, gangs, bullying. Teens live with this reality each day. And they find a way to survive. Each paperback book is 200 to 275 pages.

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