The Listening Comprehension Test Adolescent (LCT-A)

Complete Kit

Linda Bowers, MA, CCC-SLP | Rosemary Huisingh, MA, CCC-SLP | Carolyn M. LoGiudice, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Ages 12 - 17
  • Grades 7 - 12
  • Administration Individual
  • Testing Time 40 minutes
  • Product Code 34070 ( MR #065144 )

*Discontinued and no longer available.

Learn why your student has trouble sequencing information, participating in classroom discussions, following directions, or paying attention to the details of instructions with this test. The Listening Comprehension Test Adolescent assesses a student's strengths and weaknesses in specific listening comprehension skill areas related to classroom situations.
The Listening Comprehension Test Adolescent assesses listening through natural classroom situations rather than evaluating listening through simple repetition or discrimination subtests. The test emphasizes the integrative disposition of listening by focusing on these cognitive/listening processes:
  • attention/recognition
  • concentration
  • understanding/comprehension
  • persistence
  • precision
  • reasoning
  • empathy
  • problem solving
  • accuracy
  • decision-making
  • intent/purpose
  • acknowledgment
The subtests evaluate a student's performance of skills which are essential for success in classroom listening:
  • summarizing/sequencing information
  • participation in class discussions
  • understanding the main idea
  • understanding language concepts
  • following directions
  • attending to details
  • listening for meaning
  • Main Idea—The student listens to a story and identifies the main idea.
  • Details—The student remembers story details well enough to answer questions about them.
  • Reasoning—The student answers inference and reasoning questions about the story.
  • Vocabulary and Semantics—The student defines, interprets, or gives a synonym for words used in the story.
  • Understanding Messages—The student listens to a brief message and answers questions about relevant information in the message.