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Vocabulary Board Games

  • Ages 4 - 10
  • Grades PreK - 5
  • Compatibility WinXP or later, 256MB / ?OSX 10.2.6 to 10.6, 256MB (Program may be operated directly from the CD-ROM.)
  • Product Code 36803 ( MR #065543 )


Vocabulary words in the program database are divided into 20 major categories and 80 subcategories. Each subcategory contains at least 25 nouns, 10 verbs, and 10 describing words. About 70% of the words in the database are from the curriculum. You can also add your own words to the database.

The 20 major categories and their subcategories are:
• About Me: body parts, health & hygiene, diseases & illnesses
• Animals: farm, jungle, forest, water
• Clothing & Accessories: general, seasonal, accessories, personal items
• Emotions & Feelings: positive and negative emotions and feelings
• Fine Arts: music, dance, visual art, theatre
• Food 1: fruits, vegetables, meats/fish, starches
• Food 2: beverages, breakfast, lunch/dinner
• Food 3: snacks, desserts, accessories
• Household: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, household items
• Language Arts: reading, writing, literature, spelling, grammar, punctuation
• Manners: for home, school, public places, health-related
• Math: terms, time and calendar, money, measurement
• Occupations: business, government, health and science, community, arts
• Places: city, country, neighborhood, dwellings
• Science & Technology: earth and space, life science, physical science, technology
• Seasons & Holidays: spring, summer, fall, winter
• Social Studies: geography, culture, government, economics
• Sports: football, baseball, basketball, soccer
• Toys & Recreation: indoor toys, outdoor toys, recreation, special events
• Transportation: air, water, land

Adapt the game boards further by:
• adding a personalized title
• adding words important to the student (e.g., familiar places, reading vocabulary, favorite topics)
• using curricular words to reinforce classroom learning
• changing the order of the target words on the game board
• adding pre-written directions to game boards or writing your own

The ability to create an infinite number of economical game boards gives unique therapy options:
• send printed, personalized game boards home with students
• give each child in a therapy group his own game board that targets his individual goal
• use a different board template for every therapy session
• teach synonyms, antonyms, describing attributes, categorizing, defining, associations, and multiple meanings

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