Life Skills

Patricia W. Smith
  • Ages 11 - Adult
  • Grades 6 - Adult
  • Pages 192
  • Format 8.5" x 11"
  • Product Code 31172 ( MR #065561 )

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Individuals with developmental disabilities gain independence with these language and reasoning lessons in homemaking, health, money management, entertainment, and government.
The 170 one-page activities teach functional skills and target:
  • general knowledge
  • vocabulary
  • following directions
  • decision-making
  • knowing what to expect
  • planning a course of action
The book covers a huge range of information essential to functioning as an adult. The activities are organized in six areas of independent living:
  • Homemaking—laundry, finding and furnishing a home/apartment, property maintenance, kitchen essentials, meal preparation, and purchasing groceries
  • Health Concerns—diet and nutrition, weather conditions/safety, first aid, making appointments, health insurance, hospital and emergencies, medicines and prescription drugs, immunizations, vision and dental care, and fire safety
  • Consumer Affairs—types of stores, comparison shopping, evaluating bargains and saving money, warnings and labels, how to use the newspaper, paying bills, filling out an order form, and alternative shopping methods
  • Money Matters—establishing and sticking to a budget, banking, use of credit, bills and statements, applying for loans and employment, creating a resume, and job search and interviews
  • Going Places—restaurants and menus, brochures and advertisements, maps and travel, entertainment, and public transportation
  • Government—local and state government, elections, time zones, postal system, national holidays, driving safety, road signs, taxes, and the judicial system