SPARC for Basic Routines

Susan Thomsen | Kathy Donnelly
  • Ages 4 - 8
  • Grades PK - 3
  • Pages 167
  • Format 11" x 8.5"
  • Product Code 31160 ( MR #065585 )

Price $54.00

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This program helps students learn basic routines and develop narrative language skills. The familiar content and lesson structure help them transition to the language and stories of the classroom.

Busy clinicians rely on the SPARC series for:

• convenience and portability
• loads of pictures
• systematic progression of stimuli
• use with a variety of treatment needs

The book includes 80 2-page lessons.Each lesson centers on a three- or four-step familiar routine presented in pictures.A corresponding lesson page provides:

• questions to activate prior knowledge
• questions to help students sequence and retell the routine and the story
• the basic routine and story without questions The basic routines are based on children's typical experiences and knowledge in the themes of:
• Routines at Home—baking cookies, blowing up a balloon, feeding a dog, making a bowl of cereal, and more
• Routines in the Community—buying an ice cream cone, getting a haircut, going to a parade, going on a picnic, and more
• Routines at School—answering questions, buying lunch at school, practicing a fire drill, checking out a book, and more

Use the lessons to directly teach routines to students.They can also be used to assess and teach comprehension and to encourage oral retelling of common experience stories.