Kindergarten | SPEECH & LANGUAGE

We Beehave!

Stories & Activities for Social Skills Development

Naomi Schneider | Cerenity Inczne
  • Ages 5 - 10
  • Grades K - 5
  • Product Code 37004 ( MR #065642 )

*Discontinued and no longer available.

These 48 lessons on a CD-ROM are designed around evidence-based practice to help your students develop social skills in situations that can be challenging.

The lessons are divided into four books, and each book focuses on a different theme:
• We Control Our Classroom Behaviors
• We Communicate Well with Others
• We Get Along with Friends
• We Understand Safety and Routines

Each lesson begins with an eight-page, picture-supported story that provides a clear, concrete explanation of a situation (e.g., walking in line) or definition of a specific term (e.g., tone of voice) and presents alternatives to inappropriate behaviors.

Each lesson in this Future Book includes the following tools to reinforce your students' learning:
• yes/no and wh- questions
• matching activity
• Generalization activity
• mini-book
• story sequence page (with some lessons)

You also get picture index pages for customizing the stories and activities, four data collection forms, and four tracking forms. The 600 pages of stories and activities may be printed in color and black and white.