Melissa Baker | Christine Johnson
  • Grades 10 - Adult
  • Pages 170
  • Format 8.5" x 11"
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Treat a wide range of cognitive skills including memory, problem solving, reasoning, and planning/organization with flexible, theme-based lessons.

The forty lessons are grouped by themes that represent common activities of daily living. The tasks and the items within the tasks are arranged in a hierarchy of difficulty and are highly-adaptable to individual client needs. Clients look at picture scenes, reading passages, and real-life visuals while the therapist presents the corresponding stimulus questions and directions. Each lesson is divided into two parts.

Part I consists of a full-page picture scene with corresponding memory and rehearsal tasks. Clients study the picture scene, recall details of the scene, and follow directions using the scene. Questions are provided to help the client self-reference with the depicted scene. Skills addressed include:
• short-term auditory memory
• short-term visual memory (semantic rehearsal and scene/fact rehearsal)
• spatial orientation
• following oral directions
• episodic memory

Part II expands the application of the theme to broader contexts that require problem solving and executive functions. A reading passage and a theme-based visual are used to develop skills in:
• timelines for organization and planning
• math concepts (including time concepts)
• reasoning
• perspective-taking
• flexibility in thinking
• predicting

Each lesson concludes with two or three suggestions for generalization tasks.