Preschool Apraxia Cards

240, 3½" x 5" coated cards, and 9 header cards
Linda Mulstay-Muratore
  • Ages 3 - 7
  • Grades PK - 2
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Treat childhood apraxia of speech with appealing preschool pictures and a precise, organized hierarchy of word selections and prompts.

This 240-card set has an evidence-based progression, moving from basic syllable sequences to multisyllabic word production in sentences. The stimuli are phonetically-controlled which lets you introduce one phonemic variable at a time. Captivating art and age-appropriate vocabulary hold youngsters' attention.

The nine sections of stimuli are carefully arranged to give a precise progression of demand on the child's motor planning skills:
• VC/CV (bee, up)
• CVC—no change in consonant (bib, nine)
• CVC—change in consonant but not place (mop, sun)
• CVC—change in consonant and place (bed, soap)
• CVCV—no change in consonant or vowel (no-no, cocoa)
• CVCV—change in vowel but not consonant (baby, cookie)
• CVCV—change in consonant and vowel (bunny, coffee)
• CVCVC (lemon, carrot)
• Multisyllabic (banana, fingernail)

A five-level cueing hierarchy on each card supports the progression of demand on motor planning. Move your student through all five cueing levels as his motor-planning skills improve.

Cueing hierarchy for sections 1 through 7:
• Cloze sentence: My pants are too [loose].
• Supply the rhyming word: Goose rhymes with [loose].
• Answer a wh- question: What is the opposite of tight? loose
• Say the target word three times: loose, loose, loose
• Repeat a sentence that contains the target word: Say, "My shoe is loose."

Cueing hierarchy for sections 8 and 9:
• Say the target word using forward chaining: Say "Fire." Say "Fire-fite."
• Say "Fire-fite-er."
• Cloze sentence: The fire was put out by the [firefighter].
• Answer a wh- question: Who puts out fires? firefighter
• Say the target word three times: firefighter, firefighter, firefighter
• Repeat a sentence that contains the target word: Say, "Call the firefighter."

The 240 cards are further categorized with markers of the syllable type, sound placement, and vowels used in each word.

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