Early Social Skills Stories (Set of 7 Books)

Sarah E. Hodson
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*Discontinued and no longer available.

Accelerate social success and language skills in your youngest students with these child-centered books.

Early Social Skills Stories are natural teaching tools for your youngest clients. Each book targets a typical childhood situation that requires interaction with a caregiver or peer. The stories use language that naturally expands the child's vocabulary.

Parents and caregivers will love reading and rereading the stories. The scripts are easy to embellish, personalize, exaggerate, and read with lots of inflection to keep their little one focused on learning. Use Early Social Skills Stories to introduce, teach, and reinforce age-appropriate social language and behavior skills.

The 7-book set includes:
• Cleaning My Room—won't promise to motivate a preschooler to do this chore, but it will give him the language skills he needs to complete each task and understand their importance.
• Going Potty—designed to give your young client the language she needs to learn this demanding skill without turning it into a power struggle. It will also give her parents a great way to approach the task that will definitely reduce their stress level.
• Learning to Take Turns—hard for the typically developing child to learn. For a child with a language disorder, the task can become so frustrating, he has a meltdown and social isolation increases. Use this book to give your student the language of turn taking for everyday situations.
• Learning to Share—teaches the lesson that sharing makes everyone happy and acknowledges that it's hard to share. Your preschooler learns sharing happens with friends and siblings, and that he might need help along the way.
• Time to Eat—make mealtime fun! Preschoolers learn about hand-washing, sitting quietly, using silverware, and tasting in this adorable story.
• Going to the Store—wonderful opportunity to teach preschoolers vocabulary and language IF they have the appropriate social skill behavior! Use this story to develop those important skills of hands to yourself, look both ways, don't cry, walk don't run, etc.
• Going to Bed—charmingly sweet story of the getting ready for bed steps: bathing, brushing teeth, story time, and falling asleep.

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