The Long-Term Care Companion

Communication Goals & Activities for Adults

Lisa Arnold
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Efficiently plan treatment for clients in long-term care with this resource of goals and functional activities. This hierarchy of goals and activities is a framework for the management of a wide variety of clients in residential-type settings.

The book is divided into these units and sub units:
• Aphasia—Auditory Comprehension, Verbal Expression, Global Aphasia, and Right Hemisphere Dysfunction
• Apraxia—Mild, Moderate, and Severe Apraxia of Speech
• Dysarthria—Oral Motor Exercises, Articulatory Precision, Speech Rate, and Prosody
• Dysphagia—Disorders of Mastication, Preparatory Phase, Oral Phase, Pharyngeal Phase, and Dysphagia Arising From Dementing Diseases
• Cognitive-Linguistic—Cognitive Functions/Communication (i.e., orientation and memory), Activities of Daily Living, Time Use, Social Skills, and Emotions/Behavior

Each unit has a long-term goal. The sub units are further divided by short-term goals, giving you a progression of treatment. Each short-term goal is paired with a realistic activity for geriatric clients. Most of the activities use materials found in the patient's room or facility, making them easy to set-up and functional. Activities for family and caregivers are included.

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