Bilingual Students with Language Disorders

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Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin
  • Pages 242
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*Discontinued and no longer available.

You can treat bilingual students with underlying language-learning disabilities (LLD) using the information and treatment strategies in this manual, regardless of your ESL experience or ability to speak or understand your students' primary language.
The book has two goals to address the most pressing needs of bilingual students with LLD:
  1. Learn English vocabulary.
  2. Build phonological awareness skills for literacy.
The activities use the Thematic Redundance approach, meaning the focus is on vocabulary learning. The core vocabulary words are used in work on other skill areas (e.g., auditory processing, syntax, pragmatics). Vocabulary is learned through multiple exposures to each word through different kinds of activities. The activities and materials are based generally on this hierarchy of second language acquisition:
  • preproduction (comprehend English)
  • early production (short responses in English without correction of grammatical errors)
  • speech emergence (generate simple sentences and "stock" phrases in English)
  • intermediate fluency (increase conversational interactions, produce connected narratives, refine grammatical skills, engage in basic literacy activities in English)
The book is divided into two parts:
  • Part I presents 25 teaching strategies including rationales and specific directions for implementation. he learning is fun and diverse with strategies such as Semantic Clusters, Wordless Books, Creative Collages, I Spy, Mystery Word, and more.
  • Part II consists of seven themed, vocabulary units with 17-20 words per unit. opy the student activity pages or print them from the CD. The reproducible activities are straightforward and ready-to-use. Progress is easily measured. Each unit has:
    • a hierarchy of seventeen IEP objectives and benchmarks
    • pretests/posttests
    • reproducible pictures of target vocabulary words
    • reproducible vocabulary word cards and word definitions

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